Problem with dvd2oneX demo and widescreen playback

I tried the dvd2oneX demo, prior to buying it. I was trying to burn a backup of the Wilco dvd I am trying to break your heart (16x9 anamorphic). First, I used dvdbackup, which worked fine with the Apple DVD player on my new 17" PowerBook. Then, I used the demo version of dvd2oneX to compress the file. The demo version only allows the movie only format and only compresses the first 30 min. Again, the compressed VIDEO_TS file played fine on my Apple DVD player. Then, I burnt a dvd-r (Verbatim 2x dvd-r) using toast 5.2.1. All of this worked fine. So, I take the burnt dvd and put it in my Toshiba SD1600 connected to Sony 4:3 t.v… It recognizes the movie and starts to play it immediately … the only problem is it is in full screen rather than widescreen. Doesn’t seem to be any way to covert to widescreen. Is this a problem with the demo version limited functionality, or is it a bug in the software, or a problem with my toshiba dvd player?