Problem with DVD writer

I have an HP DVD Writer, and it won’t recognize the Imation DVD-R discs that I bought. I read about a firmware update, and I got that download from HP. The problem is, the drive still will not recognize the media. I could use some help on this one.

Model information would help - I assume it’s DVD-R compatible; however, HP does support the +R format so are you positive it’s a dual format drive (i.e. suports +R and -R). May seem like a silly question, but you didn’t give very much detail.

We could indeed use some more info :).

One thing I can say: firmware updating doesn’t always solve all problems! It may very well be that the media is still not recognized by the newer firmware.

Some HP writers can be flashed to other brands (because they are actually not HP but … writers) resulting in writers with far better media compatibility. This operations can be kind of dangerous though and will certainly void your warranty.

But once again, if you want more detailled information, please post some more information :wink:

You probably have a Plus-only drive. Use DVD+R(W) disks.

well, thank you all for your help, I found from HP tech support that it is only a + drive, but my concern is whether or not + is compatible with most home DVD players.

Most of the somewhat more modern players are perfectly compatible with the +R standard, but older players do have issues with the format. Luckily there’s such a thing as bitsetting. With this option, some DVD writers can write a bit to a +R disc making standalone devices think it’s a -R disc. Effect: the +R works perfectly in the standalone player.

The number of writers that support this standard is quite limited though. The functionality is getting more common, but there’s a long way to go…

What is the type of your writer? I don’t think it will support it, but as I’m not sure it’s always worth to check!

My writer is an HP DVD Writer 300n, if it does have this bitsetting, I have no idea how to use the option. My next question is does Playstation 2 support DVD+R? I guess if I could use the bitsetting it wouldn’t matter…

the newer ones v9 and v10 (SCPH 5000x) also can read +r the older ones (SCPH 3XXXX) can only read -r.

SUCCESS! I’ve burnt my first DVD and it works on PS2. Thanks so much to all who have assisted!! I’ll probably be posting again about compressing when I need to. Thanks again!

How do you set the bitsettings? I’m assuming that you can use Nero.

By the way, Dee-ehn, you like Opeth? Sweet, they are great.

not true, my 30000 series ps2 reads +r’s.

The 300n is a NEC 1100A clone.
HP got from NEC the firmware with that “extra” called Bitsetting that time…
Herries firmwares should also work on this drive, eh.