Problem with DVD Writer

hi frnds ,i am using a “SONY DVD RW AW G170A” DVD ROM or WRITER which at present is only been able to burn and/or write only 700mb normal CD.

it is not detecting any DVD, And if some times by mistakes it detect the dvd , it shows that i have inserted a blank media.

i have implemented every maintainence task like cleaning of DVD RW lens with alcohol or distilled water .

i have also disabled IMAPI cd burning service as per the recommendation of the service manual.

Externel Conifiguration of DVD RW–>

  1. Disk drive connector is a normal molex 4 pin connector

  2. IDE data cable (as it is not a sata device)

but nothing is solving the problem …

PLZ HELP ??:frowning:

You MUST install and use a proper dvd burning app, try imgburn!