Problem With DVD Writer MSI DR4-A

Sory about posting here but i couldnt find a subforum for MSI recorders ( probably because they arent very popular )
I have the dvd rw for 2 weeks now, it can write (presumably ) + and - R and Rw. First i tried to write some -R media ( verbatim, i think ), and i managed to fail writing on them (Focus or tracking error). I bought after that some DVD+ R media and had no problem for a while. Now, it doesnt metter what im writing (cds or dvds), the buffer level ( i use nero ) is droping almost to zero and in that moment the writer green light is replacing the red one, i think it means it doesnt write enymore; after that the buffer goes up and i have the red light again. This keep going until the disc is finished: today ive writen a dvd+r at 2.4x in about 45 minuts and a cd at 24x in 12 minuts. A friend told me that probably my hard drive is very fragmented; its not the case, ive defraged it 24 hours ago. My computer have a XP1800+ processor, 512MB DDRAM PC2700 and a 60 GB 7200 RPM Seagate Baracuda HD.
Can someone please help me? I dont no what to do, its the writers fault or is something else? should i returned it at the store, its something like bad calibration? :confused:
Edit: F**k, ive just noticed UDMA is not enabled for that IDE channel, but i now ive enable it when ive installed the DVD writer. It seems Win Xp isnt going to let me enable it: I chose UDMA but it remains to PIO. What do i do?

Most probably DMA for your writer isn’t enabled. All the required info on how to do enable this functioanality can be found here!

To bad ive noticed your message right after ive switched the dvd writer and the cdrom . Practically i have channel 1 with the hard disk primary master and the cdrom primary slave and channel 2 with the dvd writer as secondary master, i think it`s the same as reinstalling the IDE channel but a little more complicated. Any way, my problem is solved, thank you :slight_smile:

I’m having a remarkably similar problem with my MSI DR4-A dual writer. Ive had it 2 weeks and -r discs won’t write but +rw will. I would imagine that the same solution would apply, but how do I go about changing the IDE channels? Is that all I need to do? DMA is enabled as far as I can see. I’m using Win Me. Please help if you can.

Seems when i swapped my D: and E: drives around my DVD writer worked. Odd. Thanks anyway.