Problem with DVD video

Hey guys, hope someone here can lend me a hand.

I formatted my hard drive a month or two back, and discovered recently that I can’t play DVDs anymore. The problem is only with DVD video, I get sound but no image at all. All my software and CDs run without issue.

I tried installing InterActual player off of one of my discs, and it gave and error saying “Playback failed due to a problem with the video subsystem. Lowering your screen resolution or color depth may fix the problem.” I’ve tried both and neither made a difference.

The drives I have are:
Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616T
Sony DVD RW AW-Q170A

And my video card is an Nvida Geforce 6200 if that matters.

I appreciate any help you give me.

What happens when you try playing DivX files?

My early guess is that this is a driver issue or a software problem.

No problem with Divx, or wmv or ogm. Only get the problems when I try to watch a DVD.

I may be making a stab in the dark here but since you can play other movie files but not DVDs, then I’m guessing that it may be a DirectX or DirectDraw problem.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a driver/software problem.

Interactual player === craps.

Use VideoLan Client alias VLC Tool.

I couldn’t get the VLC Tool to work but I installed a copy of WinDVD 5 that came with my video card (was gonna reinstall my drivers but found this and gave it a shot). Evidently the problem was solved cause it runs them with no problem. Thanks for the help guys.