Problem with dvd verbatim dl+r

i have a problem with the backups of my xbox 360.
in fact the console doesn’t read the verbatim dvd with Media Code mkm-003,
and i’ve found that some xbox, the oldest one, can have problems reading this code…
So I wanted to ask, as I live in Italy and I really don’t know how to do, where can I buy on the internet some verbatim dl with media code mkm-001?
and moreover, are the 001 the verbatim 2.4x and the 003 the 8x?


Yes, Verbatim 2.4x is MKM 001 and the 8x is MKM 003. You should be able to find both at the same places you already get your media.

The code has nothing to do with the ability of drive to read it after it’s burned, but it may affect the ability of your burner to handle it properly. Older drives may work better with 001 than 003.

MKM 001 is usually easily supported at 4x and higher, so in my opinion MKM 003 is not worth the extra $$. Make sure your burner has the latest firmware loaded and if you have an older PC don’t tax the system with multitasking.