Problem with DVD Shrink

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere…just tried to copy The Excorcism of Emily Rose with DVD Shrink and on opening the disc for analysis the message came up ‘1,257 hours to analize’ which is a bit longer than the usual 60 - 70 seconds.
Nothing happens then of course. Any ideas please?
Also had a problem with another disc when it got to half way through analysis it was stopped by copyright protection.
Where do I go to from here? Never happened to me before (bit like the droopy dick thing!)
I do of course own both discs and was just making a back-up for my own use. etc.

I had the same problem with the R2 version (don’t know which region you are).

In the end, after a fair bit of trial and error (Shrink by itself, Shrink with AnyDVD running…), I managed to get an excellent backup with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.

You can download trial versions (21 days, I believe) from

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Rip the movie again with dvd decrypter in file mode using the plugin. With the fixvts step you should be able to open successfully the movie with dvd shrink

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Geno’s idea is an excellent free option :slight_smile:

LOL @ Geno :bigsmile:

Thanks you two for some great info…I’m not sure exactly what you are telling me but I did download ANYDVD (a little red fox)from the link supplied by Arachne and when I opened Shrink up again, the film automatically began to analize!
That was a bit of magic!
I reckon it may be worth buying if I am going to have the same problems after my 21 day trial expires.
Thanks again.

Good luck playing back the backup if it’s R2 ;)…when I tried with AnyDVD and Shrink, it froze on chapter 1 (not a media problem ;)), and wouldn’t do anything til I skipped to Chapter 2.

If you get that problem, do try CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD…it worked like a charm for me :slight_smile:

Hi Arachne,
Firstly I am in the U.K. up near Sheffield to be precise, so my version is a region 2 disc and surprise, surprise, the rip and burn to completion took just 14 minutes using Pioneer 110D with version 1.39 and Shrink/Anydvd and burned with Nero 6 at 8x.
I see you have the same burner, was it from Bigpockets (£55 on USB2) by any chance?

Arachne your a mod :D:D:D

Gotcha…I’d be interested to hear if your backup plays OK! :slight_smile:

The Pio 110(D) is an excellent burner :bigsmile: - nope, I got mine from a small local PC shop for £30 (would have been £35, but I know the manager :bigsmile: ). And it’s an internal one. :slight_smile:

@Haveacigar…I am :eek:

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Hi Arachne,
The backup plays fine, every bit as good as the original.
I agree the Pioneer 110 is a good piece of kit. I bought the USB version so I could use it with my lappy too.
My missus hogs the main p.c. when she’s around so it makes sense to have one at the end of a bit of string.

Hi Arachne,
Re the Pioneer 110 do you have any 8-16 x disc recommendations for me please?
Being a mean sod I just bought 50 overprint discs and not one of ten I tried works.Serves me right!
You have my details in my other posting…thanks.

The Pio 110 burns most things at least fairly well - my neighbour upstairs uses Datawrite discs on his (which I wouldn’t recommend, though).

Stick to Taiyo Yuden-made discs and Verbatim, and your Pio will love you for it :bigsmile:

Failing that, Imation (Made in India), and TDK and Sony tend to burn pretty well on it (all 8x media, BTW - the only 16x media I have is Datawrite Grey (Prodisc), and Plextor (TY) - just watch with the Sonys, the 110 likes to overspeed them to 12x by default :bigsmile: ).

Hi Arachne,
Thanks for the info which has raised a question about T-Y dyes.
I have been using Mirror Platinum +R 8x with 100% results (the copy of Exorcism of Emily Rose was done with one) but I didn’t want to get reliant one just one brand in case of short supplies etc. so I asked for your recommendations.
Now I see that in August 2004 CD Freaks did a bit of a piece on fake T-Y discs and Mirror appeared to be one of them.
Anyway if these discs give such good results are they a cheap alternative to ‘proper’ T-Y discs in your opinion?
It seem you were right again about your choice (of T-Y for the Pio) and a coincidence that these Mirror discs use that dye.

I think from what I’ve seen, they may burn well initially…but you may want to keep checking the discs, as I’d be worried about early deterioration. :wink:

I agree. I have had very good burns on good media (MCC004) become unreadable after as little as 8 months. Still trying to figure out if it was a bad batch or if it is because they were stored in CD folders. :confused:

geno Thanks that is a great little gem.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: