Problem with dvd shrink

Lately I have been using dvd shrink and dvd decrypter to rip and burn my movies. The past couple of movies that I have tried to do (flight plan, underclassman) I haven’t been able to do cause shrink gets halfway threw them and quit. An error comes up and says(dvd shrink has a problem, not enough memory to process the job). Is it something that I did wrong cause I havent change the setting on any of them and have been doing them the same as any other movie I’ve been doing lately. The burner that I’m using is an pioneer 108, I’ve also updated the firmware on it as well.

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I had the same problem with dvd shrink until someone told me to download ANYDVD. I did so and this solved the problem.

the thing you did wrong is you’re using a software that hasn’t been updated in AGES to decrypt brand new dvds.

as maughan1 suggested, anydvd (free trial at is very frequently updated and will take care of the encryption on these discs for you.