Problem with DVD Shrink on my Plextor Writer



I’m trying to burn a movie DVD with DVD Shrink on my Plextor Writer. Everything is fine until I starting burning. My Writer starts spinning and it says “Writing Lead-in,” and that’s all it ever does. It never starts burning, it just keeps spinning. There are never any error messages and I finally just have to unplug the writer to get it to stop (“cancel” doesn’t work). I’ve tried using Nero (demo), DVD Decrypter, and DVD Shrink for the burn, and the same thing happens regardless of the burning software I use. I’ve even swapped out my writer … same thing. I’m so close! What’s wrong? Somebody please help!



Ok when you say swapped out writer, does that mean you’ve used multiple writers both failing?


Do you have an Nvidia chip motherboard and if so do you have the nvidia ide drivers installed if so un-install them and revert to the MS default drivers as this could be your problem.


Yes. I had just purchased a Lite-On. I brought it back, got another one … same thing. Then I swapped that for the Plextor … same thing again. So, it’s not the writer, we know that.


Yes, I do have this chip. When I get some time, I’ll try what you suggested (though I might need your help). Will changing these drivers screw other things up, like my external (cloned) monitor for my laptop? Thanks.


How do I do this?


control panel / system / device manager / ide ata controllers.
There should be three lines in here
primary ide channel
secondary ide channel
nvidia pci udma controller
Delete all three entrys and reboot if windows insists on putting back the nvidia controllers then you will have to manual delete or uninstall the nvidia drivers and try again.
You could try installing the latest nvidia driver pack as people have had good results with these, also have you installed any aspi layers? if so try removing them with this kill aspi.


This thread is also useful Mukfire. It describes how to get rid of the nVidia drivers down the page. Good luck!