Problem with DVD Shrink - HELP!

Was in the process of ripping ‘Shark Tale’ for my kids. Started out using DVD Shrink with intent of what I usually do, burn ISO image, and then burn with DVD Decrypter. I authored it to just burn the Main Title (4.3 GB). It gets to 95% of the way, then freezes, giving Error Message of “DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to read file “E:” Data error (cyclic redundancy check).”"

I have DVD Shrink 3.2, and also the latest version of DVD Decrypter before it went defunct on us…I’m sure the problem is not my burner or reader, I had just burned copy of ‘Mulan II’ right before that using same method, with no problems…My burner is a Phillips DVD ±RW DVD8631.

What do you guys make of this? What could it be? Can it be some kind of copy ptotection?? Your advise and help much appreciated!



I got that when I backed up the Lord Of The Rings trilogy using my Benq DVD-ROM drive as the source. Switched to my Pioneer DVR-108 drive and had no probelms reading the discs. Considering it managed to rip 95% of the disc, it may be due to scratches which tend to accumulate on the outer edges of the disc from handling. It could also be one of a dodgy batch of discs. If that’s the case, return it to the store for a replacement.



sometimes in happens, so use dvddecrypter (file mode) / dvdfab decrypter and copy full dvd on your hdd -> then open in shrink, or you can try it in another drive

if it´s heavily scratched never compress it from dvd - i did so once, and some parts are damaged :a . so copy it to hdd, then compress