Problem with DVD-RW NEC



Hello from Greece!
I have a problem with my DVD-RW which is NEC 3500AG.I am using Nero 6 for CD burning.The problem is that I cannot burn cds at 4x.The minimum speed is 8x.
4x is very useful for me for burnig audio cds in order to have the maximum quality in the sound.
I’m looking forward for your answers!
p.s: Sorry for my English if there is any mistake!
ThanX :slight_smile:


first of i must say your asumption is wrong , there should be 0% diffrence in sound quality in various speeds unless there are C2 errors, various speeds may affect the writing quality (C1/C2 errors) this is depended on the media and how your burner likes it and as long as there are no C2’s you wont hear any diffrence,modern burners dont do c2’s at all unless the media is crap or have bad support in firmware,in general you shouldnt write at only certain speed unless you know for a fact (did your own tests) and found out X speed gives the best writing quality for that media/mediacode the writing quality can be determined by doing “disc quality” test in nero cd-dvd speed but not all drives supports C1/C2 testing and from what i found in google the 3500 only supports C2 which isnt so great

as for the original question you simply cant its not a nero issue the drive itself cant do cdrs at 4x it doesnt support it


I have a problem with DVD+RW in this NEC drive. InCd don’t seem to detect the drive correctly, so I can’t format or erase any DVD+RW disc. I get this error: Error writing the disc in G:\ Please confirm that the disc is compatible with the drive and is not scatched or damaged. I tried to install the wnaspi32.dll, but that didn’t help. Have anyone had a simular problem?


ok.I’d like u to tell me what exactly does the firmware and what’s the differnce now that I have upgraded it from 2.16 to 2.1A?
What else can I do in order to copy audio cds without loosing in quality?
Thank u my friend!
p.s: nero or Alcohol? your suggestion?


I really don’t think that burn speed has too much to do with sound quality. It’s more down to the quality of the CD media you use & the writer.

I burn mine at the max speed of my CD writer (Liteon) & I only use Verbatim CDs (Pastels, Super AZO & Datalife Extra Protection - in that order of preference).

Earlier NEC DVD writers were not known for the quality of CD writing. I don’t know whether the 3500 is actually any better.
Certainly for me switching to a decent CD writer from my NEC 2500 was a considerable improvement.

Your post is not really related to this thread so in future create a new thread of your own. You’ll get a much better response.


One reason that you can get this error message is if you have an older version of Alcohol installed. There was an incompatibility between InCD and Alcohol up to and including Alcohol 120%


ExactAudioCopy (EAC) can make perfect copies of Audio CDs, especially if you use the time to set correct read/write offset for your drive.

ExactAudioCopy is freeware and can be found here:

The correct read/write offset for the NEC ND-3500 is: +48 read / +18 write

In my experience the NEC 3500 is an excellent CD writer, at least with quality media. I like to burn slower than 48x for all but the very best media, because scans show that just by lowering the writing speed to 40x the quality usually improves. The one exception for me is Verbatim DataLifePlus Crystal + Super AZO media which burns equally well at all speeds on the NEC 3500.

If you don’t have any way of scanning your media for quality, I suggest you burn your Audio discs at 16x which is a fair compromise between speed and quality for medium quality CD-R media. For high-speed media the quality is NOT going to improve by burning slower than 16x on the NEC 3500!


Ok DrageMester I downloaded EAC and I have just burnt my fisrst audio cd using this pgm.I’m going to tell u what I’ve done and tell me if everything was ok.
I downloaded lame.exe for encoder
I tried to fix read/write offset for nec from “Drive options” but the choices was :Actual,4,8,10,16etc.So I set it to 4.I’m not sure if that’s wright!
Then I made a CRC test.I don’t know why, I supposed it would be good.U tell me!
Then I selected Copy CD and everything else was done automatically.
That’s all!
I’d like u just to tell me the best way for the best quality only for audio cds!I use them to my car and I want the quality of an original cd without caring for scratches on it!
Thank u for your time my friend!


You don’t need the LAME encoder if you are just copying cd to cd. LAME is used for encoding to MP3 files.

You have selected the reading speed 4x on the Drive Options Offset/Speed tab, and I suggest you choose either “Actual” or 32x.

I was referring to the “Use read offset sample correction” which should be set to +48. On the Drive Options Writer tab you should enter +18 as the Write samples offset.

If you don’t set these offset options, your Audio CD copies will still be at least as good as with any other copying software (except PlexTools on a Plextor drive).

Also on the Drive Options Extraction Method tab, you should either let EAC detect your drives read features, or just enable “Secure” mode with “Drive caches audio datadisabled and with “Drive is capable of retrieving C2 error information” enabled.

CRC tests can be used to test whether audio tracks, that you have already copied, can be read again with the same result. If the Read CRC and Test CRC values match, it is almost certain that the track was copied correctly. You can also use this to verify that the copy is identical to the original.


I couldn’t find the choices “Use read offset…” and “Write samples offset”.
There aren’t these choices.Maybe the version differs.I have 0.95 prebeta.
The choices in Extraction Method tab are ok!


Old argument the one of speed/recording quality relationship.
Some discs can’t be read by other devices, but if you lower recording speed sometimes it works.
Yamaha last CD recorder could write at 44x but if using HQ (Audio Master Quality) settings maximum speed would be 4 or 8x maximum.
Read reports on effects of writting speed on disc life expectancy.
Some video editing programs advice to write at lower speeds (there are cases of 1x indication).
This makes the subject an interesting one, as you say that speed has no impact and can show some graphs as evidence…besides “sound quality” sometimes is not just a matter of graphic information.
Myself, even if it has no impact on “quality” as you say, will record it art lower speed.