Problem with DVD RW (NEC ND-1300A)

I have a problem with my DVD RW NEC ND-1300A, the device does not recognize CD’s anymore, when i put any CD (blank or something recorded on it) nothing happen … but when i put a dvd disc , work without any problems . any help ???

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Most probably the CD-part of the drive is gone… it happened the same to my PX-712A a couple of months ago. Time for another drive, I’d say. :frowning:



Thank you eltranquil for your reply, so its time to buy a new one !!! kindly advise me which model DVD RW to buy ?

Benq 1650 or Pioneer 111D would be good choices, along with the latest Liteon drives.

However , it really depends what extras you want like DVD-RAM support / Lightscribe / LabelFlash.