Problem with dvd-rom drive and cd-rom identification



I have a problem with my DVD-Rom drive being miss-identified by windows XP home (SP2) as a CDRom drive. It just seemed to happen out of the blue. Worked one day, the next it wouldn’t. I put a disc in the drive and it just sits there endlessly trying to read it but does not nothing.

It is a scsi DVD-ROM on a chain with a scsi CDRW. As I said, it was all working then poof nothing. So I disconected the CDRW and when I boot into windows, it still see’s it as a CD-ROM not as a DVD rom. In windows hardware it is still listed as a dvdrom. When I go into WinDVD to try to select it as a source, it’s unavailable. Even DVDinfo doesn’t recognise it.

I’ve tried removing the item from the Windows hardware list and restarting but no go.

Can anyone help me here?

I’m tempted to just pull the drive and switch all to ide LOL