Problem with DVD reader while burning

Hey guys, I am having some trouble with my dvd reader. I use to be able burn a 7 gig dvd in about 30 minutes but now it takes about 1 hour and 47 minutes to just the 7 gig dvd. I tried to burn a copy protected dvd with cloneDVD2 without using the AnyDVD software. I have even tried burning some of the dvds that burned in about 30 minutes the first time I did them and even those now take like 1 hour and 47 minutes to just read the dvd that doesn’t include burning. I have also tried using the DVDXCopy program and I am getting the same annoying results. I know for a fact that it is not a media issue and I am using a Nec3500 dvd burner and a samsung something dvd rom which came stock on my emachine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh one more thing I am able to burn right now but it just takes ages for the reader to finish reading the dvd.

Check your BIOS and Device Manager for DMA mode. If your drive is running in PIO mode, it will run much slower, but still work. You want DMA mode for best performance.

hello,i purchased a samsung dual layer dvd burner & cannot burn dvd movies,it reads the movie but has problems writing the movie.After attempting to write the dvd i get a error message,it says go to view log for error discription.out of 30 recordable disc i was only able to burn 10 dvd seemed to do better on -dvd recordable disc & in the process of recording my samsung burner would not even recognize the +dvd recordable disk,sometimes the +dvd disc would burn 1 hour 20min dvds & most times it would not.i have did the firmware tSO6 update.i had originaly had tSO4 version.Please dell tech help line has had me reformatt my computor numerous times but that has not helped with my problem.i have windows xp home edition.