Problem with DVD-RAM


I have a question for the experts on this forum: on my new LG-4082B I tried to format a TFK DVD-RAM using INCD 4.21. This is the latest version and has support for DVD-RAM.
I didn’t have the Panasonic driver installed.
First I formated with quick format option and all went well. Then I formated using the “with verify” option. Since it was taking too long I shut down the computer.
On reboot, I cannot format the DVD-RAM disc, nor can I erase it with either Nero or Easy CD Creator.
What can I do ? :confused:

A related question: I tried to install the Panasonic driver but it says:
“The DVD-RAM drive which uses the driver file to install isn’t connected. Error code: 061”
Maybe it’s Nero and Easy CD that interfere with the program. I’ll try to uninstall them first.

Finally, I tried to format a Phillips DVD+RW 4x with InCD but it didn’t work either. It starts formatting, then it goes on and on and never finishes.

Please, I need your help, this is driving me crazy :bow:

I haven’t used either of the two types of media you mention. I have used Panasonic DVD-RAM and it came already formatted. I was able to use the 4082b with either InCD or the LGE (Panasonic) utilities to format. A straight initialisation takes a few seconds, but a full format takes about 1 hour with x2 media.

I did try to find compatible DVD-RAM driver/utilities from the Panasonic site but I couldn’t find any - the LGE ones work fine though. Unfortunately, they seem to have dropped these files from their website now (it used to be available on the US site).

I have LG-4082B and I use DVD-RAM with no drivers or other nasty things like InCD.

First, I did install the bundled driver (BHA_VER.02-4) and formatted the disc with it to FAT32. Then I completely unistalled the driver. It’s no longer needed for anything - I can normally use this DVD-RAM disc as a pendrive (I don’t like to say “as a floppy” - bad memories) to read, write, and delete files on the fly (drag&drop).

I have not try to format a new DVD-RAM having no driver installed, but it looks like it might have worked too - with Window’s XP FORMAT function. FAT32 only, of course! You do need the driver to work with UDF format. But do you really need UDF?

InCD sucks and causes many problems.


Actually, i have found that FAT32 is only good when dealing with small files. UDF2.0 is way better when dealing with big files. Do some copy tests and you will see that UDS 2.0 will copy the files way faster then FAT32.

For my needs at least, UDF is king. Besides it’s THE universal DVD format that works ony any operating system and any consumer DVD player that supports DVD-RAM to begin with. FAT32 is only for windows and others OSes that read it.


How big fiiles, and how much faster exatcly?



Well, on my 3x DVD-RAM i was getting .8x with FAT32 and now i get 1.4x with UDF2.0. My files are mostly 40megs +.