Problem with DVD-RAM Matshita UJ-841S



Hi I am new on this Forum, not new in tech stuff but I have a doubt and a problem With my PC and friends around have been telling me this is one of the best web pages for pc stuff and help, so If you can please help me out I will really apreciated since my problem is a little bit complicated and doubtful and nobody has yet helped me. So if you can tell me where to post this situation: (Problem with DVD-RAM Matshita UJ-841S) Thanks.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This is a good place to start :wink:

What is exactly your problem? :slight_smile:


i have the css and region free. but it will not work any more and i tried the new downloaded the new trial of the fab from the same site and it works just fine. i dont want to have to purche it agian to get what i alredy bought. have any suggestions


all i see in this website is how to purchase. not how to


how in the world does this site work if anyone can read this just send me a hello


hello there


@fas68: First of all you posted in the wrong thread: your question have nothing to do with the problem of Vinsanity.

Then there is no reason to post three times such pointless things. So, stop this now, and stop also to make illegal requests in the forum :wink:


Geno888 is right, hijacking this thread is not a good way to start. Please post in this forum


Anyway, Im going to explain my problem now, I recently bought a Toshiba laptop (model: A100/105-S384) Its features are 1GB of Ram memory, 160GB HDD, 15.4 Tru-Brite Screen, Genuine Windows Media Center Edtion 2005 Etc; I tried to record a CD-R using windows media player like I have always known and used to do in other pc’s, it started recording it but when it was like at 52% it suddenly slowed down and the elapsed time kept running up, I tried burning with Sonicstage, Nero 6, and nothing it did the same, and then I decided to Recover my PC to an “Out of Box State” (Like it came), I did it and tried to Install Professional SP2 but when I checked the compatibility a caution signs appears along with my drivers name DVD-RAM MATSHITA UJ-841S, so I dont know whats possibly wrong with it I know theres something but dont know what?, so if somebody can help me I will apreciated…


Oh yeah I forgot that when I used to turn on the pc a dialog box window appeared saying something with RAMASST dont have an idea whats that, anyway it said like this: “The windows XP standard cdr/rw function is enabled, to record to dvd ram this option must first be disable do you wish to disable it?”

Dont know if this is related whatsoever with my problem but dont know what option is haves to be enabled neither…Please help…Thanks


Ok, let’s see if we can understand what happen during the burning process :slight_smile:

Can you do a write test with cd-dvd speed? See in my signature the link to download latest version (don’t worry: it’s free and doesn’t require installation).

I suggest to write an ISO file instead of the standard test. If you already don’t have an ISO file available, it’s possible to create one with nero or with imgburn.

Once you have the ISO file, simply run cd-dvd speed, insert a disc on the drive, then select the “create disc” tab and finally press the start button.

At the end of the test, click on the little floppy button on the high right corner and save the image as PNG. Finally, post the image here :slight_smile:


It will never work with this drive, so it never can have worked with it before.


Man, thanks for the help ill do that soon as possible…


Why do you think they have put this on the main site??

NOTE: DVD-RAM, Matshita XX-8xxx, SW-9xxx series DVD drives, and Torisan DRD-Uxxx series DVD drives are not supported now, and there is no plan to support them. But you can watch and copy CSS encrypted DVD movies when the drive region and disc region is matched on these DVD drives.


Hey, today I tries to install xp pro sp2 to see if this time it was possible, i checked the compatibility like last time and it appeared again the same caution sign that said DVD-RAM, this time i pressed the “save” bar, and I saved a txt. doc. that said this:

            Windows XP Upgrade Compatibility

DVD-RAM driver

The driver for the DVD-RAM Device currently installed on this computer is not compatible with this version of Microsoft Windows and will be replaced by a compatible driver. You should uninstall this driver for a more complete solution.

For more information about this driver, visit the manufacturer’s Web site.

For a list of devices supported by this version of Windows, see the list of compatible hardware on the Microsoft Web site at

!!!ok is there any solution, I think I have to replace the driver right??, so can somebdoy explain to me which driver I have to install that wont damage my pc neither cause any secundary effects…Thanks


Are you trying to burn a RAM media or a generic DVD disc? Do you have installed a packet writing software like nero InCD?

Can you do the write test with CD-DVD Speed? It gives a lot of information on what happen during the burn :slight_smile:

Moreover, check if DMA is enabled (see link in my signature).


No I was just Trying to burn an Sony CD-R Music Cd, I have installed sonicstage right now since i fully recovered my pc, ill do the write test…yes DMA is enabled…Thanks, Ill hope to solve this as soon as posible…


I did exactly as you said , it started the creation of the data disc, then an ERROR- NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION (0020F2) window appeared, I think theres something wrong regarding Hardware because I tried to record an audio cd using sonic record now and it started but I wasted 3 blank discs because the burning process always failed, saying me to replace the disc or use a different media because it was dirty or scratched wich was not, so i think this is an hardware problem ill have to fix my pc in the nearest toshiba place…


It could be a damaged drive :frowning:


Thanks for all of your help, Ill contact Toshiba This week so they can Fix this problem as soon as Possible, Thanks again for your generosity Take care…