Problem with DVD-R Philips

I have a DVD player Optiarc DVD+/-RW AD-5540A. It is included in a Dell Inspiron 6400. I can not write DVD-R branded Philips.

Can anyone help me?

Benchmark test with nero speed :

[22:35:24] Disc: Blank DVD, 4.38 GB, INFOMEDIAR30
[22:35:24] Drive: Optiarc DVD±RW AD-5540A 102C
[22:35:24] Disc: Blank DVD, 4.38 GB, INFOMEDIAR30
[22:35:25] Starting transfer rate test
[22:36:40] Error - NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION (053005)

Disc info tab :

Thank you !

Philips media is not very good, try some Verbatium or TY media.

I have 100 dvd philips, so I would like to find a solution:)

Your INFOMEDIAR30 disks are not supported by the firmware, so they are burned with the default strategy. You might get better results by patching the firmware with MCSE and renaming INFOMEDIAR20 to INFOMEDIAR30, so the INFOMEDIAR20 write strategy is used. Using patched firmware voids your warranty.

It’s work. I replaced wfi A16002 by INFOMEDIAR30.

[QUOTE=Florian;1922249]It’s work. I replaced wfi A16002 by INFOMEDIAR30.[/QUOTE]
This probably is a bad idea. Use the INFOMEDIAR20 strategy instead.

But the removal of INFOMEDIAR20 will cause problems with the dvd using INFOMEIAR20 (which seem more numerous than for WFI)? So it is the same thing, right?

Sorry for my english, i am french

Basicly you can use any MID you do not need and rename it to INFOMEDIAR30. Then double click the INFOMEDIAR30 entry and select INFOMEDIAR20 as write strategy. Both INFOMEDIAR20 and INFOMEDIAR30 will use the same write strategy.

[QUOTE=Florian;1922249]It’s work. I replaced wfi A16002 by INFOMEDIAR30.[/QUOTE]

Do some PIE/PIF tests with cd-dvd speed to see if INFOMEDIAR30 is now burned correctly.

It’s good ?

Just burn a full dvd, scan it and post the scan here, please.


It’s good ?[/QUOTE]

Yes, it looks good, but as chef said, you need a full DVD burn to know for sure.

You have some high PIE, but I guess its normal with the 5540A (I have one too), because it burns the first 0.5GB of any DVD at 2.4x (or 2x with -R??) with Z-CLV and many high speed media don’t like that.

If you only have green PIF, its a good burn.
(but the 5540A can some times detect a spike of bad PIF, I guess it can be ignored…)