Problem with DVD-R Philips 16x

Hi :sad:

I have a TDK 880N DVD writer with last frimware 1.7
I cant write to DVD-R philips 16X :disagree:
the error message from nero “can"t do the disc-at-once function”…at the begining of writing

I tried burning a TDK DVD-R 16x … it works…

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To exclude a software problem, can you do a test with imgburn? Try to burn a disc @16x with imgburn to see if there is still the same error.

However, I suggest to burn these discs @12x.

Excuse me for my bad english… i 'll try to be more clear.

I have a TDK 880N DVD writer (maw writing speed is 8x) with Last Frimware 1.7.

As Media : Philips DVD-R 4.7 go (spindle) max writing speed is 16X

My problem is :

No matter witch software i use… I can’t write to these DVD-r

for exemple:

Nero reconize the DVD-r but i can only select a wrinting speed at 2.4 x max !!!
And when i push the burn button = error message - “can’t initiate the disc at once…”

I tried to burn ON a TDK dvd-r == it’s ok

These DVD-r philips dont work with my dvdr burner ???

I want to change my TDK 880n for A samsung 18x …
I hpe that the samsung is compatible with these dvd-r philips
i have 100 dvd-r at home, and i don’t know what to do … perhaps play fresbee :bigsmile:

oops, sorry, I misunderstood :o

If you have a 8x burner, almost certainly your firmware doesn’t support 16x media, because it is not more updated to support most recent mediacodes.

A new burner is a good idea, but I suggest to not buy a Samsung, because it have problems with -R discs (read more here)

Another suggestion is to avoid Philips discs: they are low quality media, but because of you have 100 of these, I still suggest to burn these discs not more than 12x.

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I’ve tried these DVD-R PHILIPS :

NEC DVD -/+ Rw Burner = dont work
Samsung DVD -/+ Rw Burner reconize the DVD-r as 4x media

I don’t know what burner should i buy… a philips Burner / LG ???

why these media arent compatible with all dvd burner !!!
and why the structure of these PHilips dvd-r 16x arent the same as the 8x dvd-r !!!

There are many burners available. Basically, all nowdays drives are rather similar.

I suggest a benq 1650/1655 if you can find one; this is a very good drive :iagree:

ok :slight_smile:

I bought an LG 16X Super Multi DVD/CD Rewriter GSA-H20N

16X DVD+/-R


perfect :iagree:

writes to all media including the dvd-r philips at 16x speed !!!

thanx geno888

You’re welcome :slight_smile: