Problem with DVD-R and +R Movies


I’m having problems with my recorded DVD-R and +R Movies.

I’m using a LG GSA-4040B burner for almost a year now. Have recorded like 150 movies. All of the were created using DVD shrink and burned using clone dvd or sometimes nero.

I have noticed in the las 3 o 5 DVD’s that in some point at the midle of the movie that the player skips some chapters and the returns to a previous chapter of the movie. And then the Player tells me that the DVD is dirty or damaged.

I have allready tryed 3 diferent dvd players home players and is the same.
I’ven using office depot dvd’s with good results until now.

I really need to kwnos if my LG writer is damaged. I’ts sad :frowning:

Thanks for your help