Problem with dvd playback on certain players



i use convertx2dvd for converting my avi files into video_ts folder with the dvd files inside the folder and i know there is no problem with the converter(i am in europe so i have set the converter to pal)

but i think the burner i am using is not working (Prassi Ones)

i am using vertibatim 4x dvd+rw’s and my burner is benq dw1650 (something like that number)

but on most the standalone players i use them on they don’t work.

can anyone suggest a way to make the discs work on most standalone players.

Thanks in Advance,


ow yer i forgot the discs have been booktyped to dvd-rom


help me u


Have not used that program before as I have the phillips dvd player that plays divx, but some older players will have trouble with some kinds of recordable disks. The newer players seem to work ok. I have had trouble in past with older players, espeacially sonys playing recorded disks.