Problem with DVD Fab Decrypter

I just DL’d dvdFab the free version and I’m having a problem. I can get it to decrypt and save to the hard drive, but how do I get to take the files from the hard drive to the dvd ? I keep getting an error message “failed to create directory”. There is no help menu either and nothing on the web site. What do I do?

Well, if you want to burn the files to a single layer dvd, in most cases you’ll have to process the ripped files first with Dvd Shrink or some other transcoder or re-encoder.

Try using Dvdshrink for single layer dvd’s, this is a great little tool for reauthoring the movie to make it fit. ( Read more on it) Now if your getting into burning dual layer dvd’s I recomend using DVD Decrypter to make the copy, and Imgburn to burn it to disk. ( Read more on DVD Decrypter and Imgburn) And also don’t forget to use AnyDvD to neutralize the region codes and strip the copy protection. ( Read more on AnyDvD )

Unnecessary if using DvdFab Decrypter.

I have seen DVD Fab Decrypter miss getting copy protections before, that is why I suggested AnyDVD.

Then again I guess who is faster at updating against protections.

There are those who like DVD Fab Decrypter, and those who don’t.
I guess it comes down to a matter of choice, everyone is entitled to their point of view.

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I had the same trouble as moviefan couldnt work out why it wouldnt work so I tried anyDVD 5551 and clone dvd 2851 to make a full copy. Saved the files on my hard disk then used dvdshrink to re-author them