Problem with dvd dycrypter not reading



I have been running into this problem that I can’t figure out. It doesn’t happen with every dvd just occasionally. I put the dvd in and open dvd dycrypter and after it loads it says MEDIUM NOT PRESENT. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Buy a better brand of dvd’s…


it’s the original dvd that can’t be read by the dvd player. It isn’t with every movie. I tried to back up a Doodle Bops dvd and dvd decrypter said Medium Not Present and I tried to open it with the dvd drive (My computer) and it showed as having no files, but it plays in a regular dvd player. I took it out and backed up Flicka just fine.


Are there any physical scratches or blemishes on the dvd that you can see.


NEW Copy Protection, I would say :doh:
If windows will not read you can use ISO Buster and extract the files to your HD



Do not forget that Decripter is not updated for a few years. The author got letter from lawyers and had to quit. It can not cope with new encryptions.
If you want to back up your own DVD try RipIt4Me