Problem with DVD drive

Hello. My computer’s dvd drive is not responding to most dvd media and some cd media. It can be a new blank dvd disc or a purchased movie dvd. I insert it into the drive on my computer and after a while will say no disc present in drive F. Could this be a problem with any dvd or clone dvd or do I have a problem with my dvd drive. Some dvd movies will play on my computer. However, none that I have burnt previously with Clone DVD will play. They all played for a time in the past but now nothing happens. I have installed available updates from clone dvd2 and any dvd regularly.

Everything have lifespan including DVDRW. How long have you been using your drive? Considering the price of DVDRW is so low that you can buy another one as a spare. I have 4 internal & 1 external DVDRW. I used them at random but sometimes I still experience cyclic redundancy in one drive but it works in another. Some drives are very picky about certain media & must take note of your drive’s fav media to avoid making coasters. I retire my drive after 12 to 15 months usage, approx 500 disks. I gave them away because they are still workable. Incidentally, I am in the video conversion business.

What for a drive you’ve?

Thank you for the response. I have a note book computer, so I guess that an external dvdrw drive would be the only solution here. I don’t know what coasters are. Could you explain them to me? My drive is a pioneer DVR-K14L.

Coasters are spoilt DVD disks. If external drive is the only option, take note whether your PC have USB 2.0 capability. If your PC only have USB 1.1 your DVD writing speed can only be 1X irregardless of your setting or the media used.

@ reedo,

I believe you are jumping the gun in assuming that your DVD Burner is “defective” and needs replacement.

In you initial posting you have provide very spare information for Forum Members to provide any meaningful assistance.

Provide the Name(s) and Version Number(s) of the software program that you are using to make your backup copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

Provide any Error Code(s) and the exact complete Error Narrative(s) you receive when you experience your problem.

The solution to your problem could be something as simple as up dating your DVD Burner Firmware to newer up to date current firmware but until you provide detailed information it is difficult to determine the actual cause of your problem.

You haven’t provided any of information concerning your Note Book Computer but many DVD Burner Manufactures make replacement Note Book Computer DVD Burners. Normally there should not be a problem installing a quality internal DVD Burner in a Note Book Computer.

The preferred option would be an internal DVD Burner for you Note Book Computer. Internal devices always perform better than an external device. There can be data transfer problems with external USB and/or Firmware devices. Using an eternal device has some disadvantages over an internal device. With an external DVD Burner you have other extract item that you have to tote around. Also a Note Book internal DVD Burner is less expensive that a USB and/or Firewire external DVD Burner.

Before making a purchasing decision strongly suggest visiting the CD Freaks Optical Drive Forum ( and research what DVD Burner meets your requirements. There are many choices and it prudent to do some research to ensure that purchase a quality DVD Burner.

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hi bjkg,
I hope this will help. My computer is a Sony Vaio PCG-K86P. My drive is a pioneer DVR-K14L. And I am using clone dvd2 plus any dvd software.
There are no error codes or narratives, sorry.
Also I have never installed any firmware. I must say I am quite a novice when it comes to these things. Could you explain please.

CloneDVD Revision History

Version 2006 04 23

  • New: Updated ElbyCDIO access layer
  • Some minor changes and improvements

Any dvd is enabled.

I have just been able to use clone dvd to burn a dvd movie onto a blank dvd-rw disc. However when I tried to play the burnt disc in my computers drive it did not recognise the disc. It will play on my dvd player though.This seems very strange to me.

Does this help at all, I don’t want to waste your time, but a quick response would be appreciated.

Please update.