Problem with dvd data disc (Sony DW-G120A / DRU-120C)



[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DW-G120A / DRU-120C. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]i have burned some movie files in one dvd in data mode.nero showed burning completed successfully.when i tried to open in my computer it showed windows cant recognise this format.i tried open my dvd disc onother computer it opened without any problem.i have removed my sony dvd rw dw g120A drive from my computer and connected to another computer it opened without any problem. i connected drive to my computer and tried again it failed.i installed windows but of no use .i upgraded firmware for dvd drive but of no use. please help me.thanks in advance.


What SW player are you using to try and open/play?
Try VLC or MPC…
I don’t use ner0 but what format is the file?..
Need more details…


yes i tried it with vlc and mpc and nero player no use.but the problem is when i insert the data disc windows cant recognise the disc it shows that windows cant recognise this format of disc.explorer hangs up.the files in disc cant be viewed.i dont have problem with other discs in my computer. problem disc can be recognised by other computers but not my computer.


You say you burned some movie files on one DVD in " Data Mode"…what format are they in? Are they still on your HDD? What media are you using?


i have burned 1 .vob file, 1.avi file , 1 .dat file , 1.flv file to my disc .they are still in my hard drive.after burning the disc in dvd data mode successfully as shown by nero at the end of burning, i inserted the disc into dvd drive again ,its showing that windows cant recognise this form of disc .when i tried to view the files by windows explorer ,explorer is hanging.its played normally in others computers.