Problem with dvd burning



I just bought a new computer with a dvd burner and I bought Movie Clone Plus and I am having trouble copying backups of my dvds. I began using Memorex DVD+R 8x and the copies came out okay, then I tried an off brand from Fry’s Electronics GC DVD+R 8x and am now having nothing but bad copies. If they work on one dvd player they won’t work on another, if they work at all. I thought it was my changing to an off brand media and bought Phillips DVD+R I-8x and those did’nt copy at all. They wouldn’t even play on my dvd player on my computer. Any suggestions?



Suggestion - STOP buying Crap Media!!!

Use Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell medias-

Good online vendors are or or

Most of Frys media is like their salespersons - not very good-



But I heard that Phillips was a good brand from and it had good reviews. Could it have been that I bought the one that had DVD+R I-8x. And what is better to use 4x or 8x



Suggest staying away from Tiger and the Phillips medias (they change vendors to get best price)

The vendors that I have recommended - and especially - give excellent service/prices and send out only “A” Grade medias-



how is the best way to pick your media to figure out what brands are good


by the way is movie clone plus a stable software to be using to be burning



First determine what burner you have by make and model - then go to that forum and see what media works well for those folks that also own the same model-

Don’t know anything about Movie Clone Plus-so can’t help ya there-



thanks i’ll look into what u suggest


Or, save yourself a lot of problems, and buy only quality media. I have bought fuji (tyg02), and Verbatim MCC04 on sale for around 30 cents per platter. I never have any problems with good media. Decide how much your time and trouble are worth. If you spend 30 minutes of your time to author and burn a dvd, only to find out it is bad, even if your time is only worth $8.00 per hour, you have just thrown away $4.00, plus the 30 cents for the crap disk. It’s not worth it to me!!!


Yo Rob-

Totally agree with everything that you are saying-

However - certain burners work with different medias better- like my NEC 3500’s don’t do as well with Taiyo Yuden +R’s as they do with the -R’s but are ok with either Verbatim 8x + or -R’s-

Pretty much the reason that I gave the advice that I did-

Bottom line- Good Media = Good Burns - and - Crap Media = Crap Burns



The fact of the matter is that TY works well on the vast majority of burners. The only burners that I have seen have issues with them are Lite-On burners and we all know that they suck donkey balls for burning anyways. :wink:


HAY i just started to burn dvd’s and i’m having way to much trouble. i started with a batch of off dvd’s from fry’s eltronics. took an advise and went and got a batch of maxells 8x dvd and istill can’t seem to get anything on the disk


i have a necdvd+rwnd-3450a and an jlmsdvd-romxj-hd166 tell me what medias are better for me