Problem with dvd burner OR my pc please help

I have OPTORITE dd0401 8 ± drive.
it burns with no error but when I play on dvd palyers it plays ok for 15-30 minutes then video becomes crappy and stops playing afterwords , I tried all type of media brands , and dvd players with no help. I use pinnacle studio to burn , I tried other software to burn like icopydvd2 , ulead , it works for 15 to 30 minutes after it does not work,
I tired updating firmware, dma enabled with no help.
please help me on this one.

Are you using DVD-R or DVD+R media?
I have that drive, i don’t use it great deal these days but i’ve created many DVD’s with that drive and they have played without problems, it could just be your set top box does not like R media. I’m assuming the discs play ok in the PC?

Yes I used both media , and disk works on computer, I sent this to iomagic for replacement but replaced one also has same problem.