Problem with Dup-DVD, help!

Hi all,
I’ve just tried to burn a DVD into SVCD with Dup-dvd. Everything went well until the first disc(VCD) was burned. The information said that it would take 4 discs to copy it all. And when the first was done and automatically ejected, I placed a blnak one in, and waited. Nothing happened. So I pushed the “copy” button, and the whole process went all over again. I copied the same thing twice. Where did I do wrong? Please help. Thanks.

iemortal :frowning:

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[B]… Where did I do wrong? Please help. Thanks.

iemortal :frowning: [/B]

Simple, you went wrong by using Dup-DVD ! That program would have to be at the bottom of the pile with regards to functionality and quality of what it produces. Do yourself and the world a favour and use something else.

Sorry but I’m not normally negative about programs generally, just this one ! It is just utter crap.

Your simplests and easyiest DVD to SVCD solution would have to be EazyVCD ( from ). Its also FREE and works every time.

Yeah, that’s pretty negative. I have downloaded EazyVCD, and I’ll try again with this one. Hope it works for me. Thanks.

Hi ChickenMan,

I just tried EazyVCD. It worked fine, but no sustitles, though.
Thanks again.

Then have a read of this Tutorial at Its a bit more complicated than EazyVCD but you can include Subtitles.

Have read it! Too complicated. I give up. Thanks anyway.

Never give up mate, you get no where that way.

Okay, then have a try of Ulead DVDMovie Factory 2 then. It will convert your dvd to svcd, I’m just not sure on subtitles.

Thx ChickenMan.
I am just doing a friend a favor. I am crazy about VCD quality, so I’ll just stick to DVD. And I’ve learned a lot here about DVD.