Problem with Dubbing on DVD-R (Panasonic DIGA DMRE85HEBS)



[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DIGA DMRE85HEBS. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Recording problem on Panasonic DVD video recorder DMR-E85H (Italy).
I simply couldn’t transfer TV programs(already recorded in the DVD recorder’s harddisk) to my DVD-R

I could successful record several DVDs in the past.But now, it simply don’t record and “reboot” by itself whenever i try recording to the DVD-R disk.
Then when i took out the DVD-R disk and put into my PC to see if the DVD-R disk is still recordable,it cannot be record anymore.It simply becomes a unrecordable useless disk.

Could anybody help?


If your DVD drive is making grinding noises when trying to burn to DVD then I’d suspect a dirty spindle. Here’s a thread talking about how to clean the spindle.
If the DVD slips when it’s being written to it can make the disc unfinalizable or unrecordable.
I’ve found the easiest test for a dirty spindle is to wet ones finger with saliva and gently rub a film around the clear inner hub of the bottom of your DVD. Then while the it’s still slightly wet insert the disc in the machine and try your recording again. Note just a film will do, I think it provides just enough grip to hold the DVD firmly.
If this works then you should really follow the instructions on my link to correctly clean the spindle.
Note any of your damaged discs probably won’t work even after cleaning the spindle. They’ll just be coasters.


See this post for more disassembly/assembly information and a photo showing the correct far left positioning of the DVD drive roller/slider at the rear of the disc tray before reinstalling the DVD drive lid.

If your Panasonic has the black plastic DVD drive, the DVD drive lid anchors at the rear and lifts at the front. There is little clearance at the front with those black plastic DVD drives. You may have to remove the Panasonic’s front panel to allow removing the DVD drive lid. (The photo shows a newer metal DVD drive.)

When fitting the front panel back to the case on VHS models, the VHS door must be held open to align the VHS door lifting mechanism.