Problem with DTS and AC3 converting on AVI2DVD

I am having a problem with AVI2DVD, DVD Flick, & AVStoDVD. I am able to encode movies that are already in AC3 audio but when I have any that are in DTS audio, the three above programs error.

Do I need to download some codec or is there a way to converts these dts streams to ac3 and then convert??

I have ac3 filter and other codec installed. Is there a specific DTS one I need for the program to be able to convert the dts stream to ac3 ?

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

I found a tutorial on using MeGui and Ac3Filter to convert the DTS stream to ac3.

Do you know how to extract the DTS audio stream from the movie?

It is an mkv file. I used mkvmerge gui to remove it and it seemed to work. It gave me a seperate 630mb mkv file.

I will check out the tutorial and post back.

I am having a problem with megui. It is erroring because it does not have aften and ffmpeg. I tried to use the update feature on megui but it says it cannot open the zip files to install.

When I click on the aften link it brings up the binaries for win 32 and win 64. I do not know what the difference is. I believe I am win 32. I downloaded it and opened it with winRar but there are numerous exe files listed. I do not know which I am suppose to use. When you click on the .exe it just opens a black box for a split second. Is it suppose to do anything else??

Since I haven’t done this DTS conversion, I’m in the dark too. The conversion instructions specifically say to use Megui version, which should have both Aften and ffmpeg in the tools folder of Megui.

Here is the link for

Let me know if this helps.

I tried your link and installed it but it is still saying that ffmpeg and aften are missing. That is weird.

Why can’t thing be nice and easy. :slight_smile:

I have the DTS stream. You would think there would be one program you input that to and it shoots out an AC3 file.

I do love Megui, but it’s a little confusing for noob’s (no offense intended), try with MKV2VOB, it’ll convert your MKV with DTS to vob and ac3 audio…then just burn with IMGBurn or open with DVDFlick or FAVC or etc…

To t0nee1

Would you know why it Megui is saying the aften and ffmpeg are not available to convert the file ??

I installed, opened it, added the dts file, and hit start. It errors immediately because it says ffmpeg and aften are not available.

I though these were suppose to be included in the Megui download.

I think you’ll have to update the files once you have installed I downloaded and there wasn’t a tool folder included. Both aften and ffmpeg show up after the update. Or try t0nee1’s method.

By the way t0nee1, have you found a way to import vob or mpeg files into FAVC? I can only do it with an AviSynth script.

Thanks for the help guys.

I used MKV2VOB. I copied the ac3 file before it finshed the completed vob.

So now I can combine the AC3 file and mkv back together and encode through AVI2DVD.

But the vob file actually looks like pretty good quality. I don’t know if encoding with the HCenc will be any better.

what is the idea behind DVD>mkv>DVD conversion??

@ OP, glad mkv2VOB worked for you…
@ Kerry56, sorry not sure why I included FAVC in my post ,but if you rename vob to mpg then open with DVDFlick,or better yet VOB2MPG> DVDFlick…However I just use Convertx2DVD much faster and accepts vob’s,(that’s the the etc. in my post)…BTW CX2DVD accepts mkv files…I do love FAVC for avi to dvd conversion though…

Mkvmerge also comes with mkvextract. Download mkvextractgui and place into the install folder. You can then extract the DTS stream without it being still in another mkv container.

Then build a graph using graphedit of DTS File -> AC3Filter (leave outpit pin empty)

Load the .grf into meGUI. Choose your settings etc and encode.

However, there are much better ways to convert. Such as using Eac3to with Nero 7’s Audio Decoder 2 because it does not apply DRC. Second choice would be Eac3to with Sonic Audio Decoder.