Problem with drive or the media dvd+rw?



Hello. I’m looking for the second opinion on a problem of mine.

At the moment i’ve spent so many hours stuyding my dvd+rw probvlem that it’s haunting my nightmares, and that’s not good.

To begin:

I have a problem with dvd+rw media. Many of which do not make any sense.

Here are the problems.

Media Brands:


All are RIOCOHJPN W11 (01) or (011) depending on either Kprobe, Nero, or dvdinfo.

Drive(S): Liteon 812S and 823S (latest firmware).

When new the dvd-rw’s (Out of the box) they scan fine with no errors. However there are a couple quirks that bother me.

Exactly at 49.9% the drive speed cuts down to 50% of current speed, and many a time even slower for no aprent reason. Scanning seems to have difficulty reading but no errors(after the 50% mark). Remember these are brand new out of the box dvd+rw’s. (dvdinfo software).

Format/erase or write once the new drd+rw’s work fine, scan is fine.

Format/erase (nero)a second time and run scan. Same slow downs at 50%. However now every single dvd+rw has unrecovable block errors in the exact same place at 53.x% position 12c0h to 12c9xx, and then again at 81.2% again the exact set or errors (different block positions of course).

I can’t see how this is possible esepcialy between different drives and different media.

Normaly the errors should be at random intervals.

This does not occur on dvd-/+ R media what so ever on the same drives.

Drives are cleaned.

Has the same errors on both windows 98 and xp pro.

Same errors wether recorded at 2.4x or 4x.

No antivirus or control software is running.

Drives identify at being DMA 2. I even tried setting them at PIO 4, same problems occur.

I tried kprobe, nero cd-dvd speed 4.0x, dvdinfo pro, and plextools pro. Also differing computer systems.

I did noticed that the dvd+rw’s get dammaged when nero formats or write to them including nero burning rom and nero cd-dvd speed. “Create data disc”.

Plextools pro erase/format makes the dvd+rw’s read better. Also winoncd 5 also formats/erases better.

Once the dvd+rw’s are dammaged at the 53 & 81% range not even a plextor 716 can repair them.

To be honest i no longer know what to beleive.

Some bugs sugest that it’s the drives that are defective, then again why always the same bad blocks.

Both liteon drives have very little use.

At first the TDK worked fine and lasted perhaps 40 or so erasings.

I’m not certain wether to go and buy a new drive or new dvd+rw’s (ONCE AGAIN!) You would not believe the pile of scrapped dvd+rw’s i have.

So far i’ve had nothing but trouble with all RICOHJPN Wxx series.

The local walmart seems to only carry the rejected batches of dvd’s.

Thanks for any help you may wish to provide.