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[LEFT]hey guys i need ur help before some days i was downloading torrent files as usual :rolleyes:.but now a days i am getting problems in downloading torrents .i use utorrent and bitcomet to download torrents.when i was downloading crysis i saw there were to many hash fails in utorrent it means that when i download 200 MB nearly 110MB are hashfails or not downloaded so particularly i downloaded 90MB…wtf…:o:a then i changed my torrent client to bitcommet and it gives the same problem i formmeted my pc and again i am having same problems. i am getting this problem in every torrent please guys help me out i really appreciate it…


and yes i am having no problems in downloading files directly…

One common reason for hash failures with BitTorrent transfers is that something is corrupting the data, which could be either a rogue BitTorrent source (e.g. someone with a rogue BitTorrent client deliberately sending corrupt data to interfere with transfers), faulty RAM or a problem with the hard disk or motherboard. Most direct downloads do not carry out hash checks, so this may explain why normal downloads go fine.

Try running memtest (link). Alternatively, try running BitTorrent on another PC (e.g. borrow a laptop) to rule out your PC’s hardware.

[QUOTE=tom_jc;2557733].when i was downloading crysis . . .[/QUOTE]

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