Problem with Double Sided DVD-RAM disc and LG-GSA4163B


I have an LG GSA-4163B Super Multi DVD Drive. It claims to support DVD RAM Discs and I have successfully used a couple of them in the drive with both FAT32 and UDF file systems.

However a while back I got myself some double sided Imation Type 4B DVD-RAM discs in a cartridge. The disc can be removed from the cartridge by removing some clips. Anyway, I did not used the discs till now, and its been a while since I got them so I cant return them.

I now have the problem that the drive will only pick up one of the sides of the disc. If I turn the disc over it says there is no disc in the drive and wont let me do anything.

Now these discs claim to be double sided and give a total of 9.4gb for both sides, eg 4.7gb per side. Now it will read the one side saying it has 4.25gb when Formated with FAT32, but for the other side, it does not even pick up the disc. So it seems to be a bit of a problem as I am loosing the use of the entire one side of the disc.

Can any of you guys tell me if I am doing something wrong ?
Is it maybe something with my drive where it needs to be updated or something ?
Please, I need to get both sides working.

Thanks and Regards,