Problem with divx to dvd

whenever i try and make a few .avi videos into a dvd folder it tells me that it will be 3.08. I have the settings on so that it will make the files fit on a 4.7gig DVD but it keeps making it too big(4.51). I try to burn it with nero bit it wont fit. is this a problem with divxtodvd or the dvds i have?

Hi there,

There is no more support for DivxToDVD v0.5.2.b

Latest is now Shareware and is now called VSO ConvertXtoDVD.

It has a bitrate calculator, or it will set the bitrate so it will fit on your DVD5.

If 4 x .AVI was too much, you are going to have to try again with 3 of them.

A lot has changed in ConvertXtoDVD since DivxToDVD !