Problem with Disney movie?

I have been using the anydvd with the dvd shrink with no problems until today. I tried to get High school musical and it says it’s too big a file. The movie is only 98 minutes long so I don’t understand why it says file too big. There are no extra languages to uncheck for more space in the dvd shrink, I would think a 98 minute movie would be fine for space. Maybe this is a new kind of protection?? It is a Disney movie. What do you think?

Two different major titles on the dvd. Regular Movie and Movie with karaoke versions are on the dvd . Remove the movie or the karaoke and it will fit on a dvd5.

how do I remove the karoke?

Never mind…I figured it out and got it burned OK! :slight_smile: Thanks for the help, your suggestion worked!! :flower: