Problem with Disk Quality Test with PBDV1640P




I am trying to check my DVD-R’s with Nero CD Speed with my PBDV1640P with FW B3.2. The scan speed is always lower than 1X and PIF’s are ignored. Is that normal or what am I doing wrong?

When checking the same disk with my Philips DROM5016L the scan speed goes up to max. 6x but the PI errors are more than 10 times higer. Furthermore, the DROM5016L does noch check the Disk ID and Jitter.

The attached examples are only filled by about 25% but I get similar results when checking an almost full disk. The used media is a Verbatim MMC02RG20.



Are you using the newest version of CD/DVD Speed if not I would suggest getting it from below, also scan at either 4x or 8x for more accurate results not at maximum.


:iagree: I had version 3.16. Version 3.61 works as I would have expected.

Thank you 8T8 !!! :bow: