Problem with disc copy of backup burn



I’m using dvddecrypter to rip all the dvd files and then DVD Shrink to burn backups. The backups are good.

Problem is if I try to disc copy a backup the copy does not play properly. I have only tested with Nero showtime but the movie starts to play fine until I try to skip to next chapter. Then it freezes every time. The original backup disk has no such problem.

Anyone understand why this happens?


I get this problem but have had no soloution yet to my post! Will post it here though if i do


-Try COPY option.

-Try DVD Movie option.

Reduce the read speed to about 8X. Use quality media. Test with your home DVD player. Have encountered problem with Showtime.


I used 8x still happened i just done a bit of a test and cleaned the media before burn and did work but also i think it has something to do with multitasking. when i did a back-up just now i cleaned the media useing proper cleaning wipes, used DVD Shrink as it was DL and when creating the DVD Files i did a deep analysis, then burned with nero at 4x and the disk works fine but also could have been luck.



I have found that if you use the original backup program to make the copy of the copy that it is #1 pretty fast 'cause the compression is already in place and #2 the copies are as good as the original copy-



:iagree: Just use DVDDecrypter to make an ISO and then burn. :slight_smile:


Can you select main movie only in DVD Decrypter as thats all i want from my dvds couldn’t care about special features?


I don’t do it that way so I don’t know. But I do know you can do that way in DVD Shrink.


You can. Its in settings, under file mode. Under “select files” click select main movie. You may have to eject the disk and put it back in for the setting to work.


Can i still use dvdDecrypter like shrink so that i can back up all of my dvd