Problem with director's comments

I have no trouble burning DVDs, but they burn with the director’s comments on them. I don’t want the director’s comments, just the movie. The specific DVDs I have had trouble with are Spanglish, Sideways, The Woodsman, Suspect Zero . The director’s comments even copy when I turn them off in Clone DVD2. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


I’ve had the same problem with :- Resident Evil 2 & X-Men -2

No ideas anyone ??

Leave out the director’s comment when making the copy. Either it is marked as “director’s comment” or leave out the 2 chanel tracks. You can check the tracks with any PC DVD player software.

Hello Olli,

I am a registered user of CloneDVD and AnyDVD for close to two years and have found this combination of software excellent for backing up my DVD collection. You have an excellent program and are always working on improving your product.

In a CDFreaks CloneDVD Forum posting some time ago you stated that an “Audio Preview” monitoring feature was on your “To Do List” for improvements to CloneDVD.

With the release of many of the newer commercial DVDs there are numerous audio streams included on the DVD. Many times it is difficult to identify exactly what these audio streams are. If an “Audio Preview” monitoring feature were added to CloneDVD this would make to use of CloneDVD more user friendly.

Perchance will CloneDVD customers see an “Audio Preview” monitoring feature add to CloneDVD in the near future?

Best Regards,

I don’t know what “near” means, but yes, an Audio Preview is likely to be added.
At the moment you can check the tracks with any DVD player software.

Had a go and selected the AC 6/3 ?? (left out the 2 channel tracks as suggested) option and all seems to be ok