Problem with Diablo 2

I have Diablo 2 and I want to make a copy seeing its getting all scratched. I have clony XXL v2.0.0.6 say it has no protection and the link i read from futureproof says that the game has securom protection. These are my stats on my burner can i burn this game or not.

Info on CDWriter:
Manufacturer: SONY
Product: CD-RW CRX160E
Revision: 1.0e

Device Capabilities:
Note: This information is provided by the unit, it might be inaccurate. CloneCD does not use this information!
Can write CD-R Discs: Yes
Can write CD-RW Discs: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-DAO: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-DAO Write Simulation: Yes
Supports writing of CD+G RAW-DAO: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-SAO: No
Supports Buffer Underrun Protection: No

I don’t know if I need the Buffer Underrun Protection or not. I can get the game onto a cd-rw but halfway through the install it say it can’t find a certan file. Whats the problem is it by burner, maybe I need to burn slower. Or maybe I need different settings for reading and writing. Any ideas?

This shows the capability of your drive - everything except SD2. Diablo II is indeed SecuROM new* but I have heard that (some?) US versions have no protection.

Use the latest version of CloneCD and just use the game CD profile for reading & writing. Any probs and it will be hardware or crappy media - ditch the CD-RW for praccy runs.

Use 12x or 16 x quality media and you should be able to write at max. Play from a 'ROM.

Thank you. I guess the problem had to deal with me using a CD-RW. Maybe because when the image was read of the cd it was bigger than the cd-rw capacity of 650 MB the image alone was 680 MB plus the sub file, maybe that was the problem.

nope…image file has nothing (to a certain degree) to do with the size of data on the CD.

almost all images go over the 650mb size, but when u burn the cd you will find its only about 500 - 600mb in size…for the exact reasons you will need to ask someone like gamefreak or future proof…all i can tell you is that the sub channel data is not in addition to the image size…it runs parrallel to the data on the CD.

IE: 650mb CD (image file could be 700 - 800mb on your hdd) + sub channel of 60mb = still a 650mb cd.

FutureProof, feel free to correct me…

nice answer. when you select the image for burning, the actual ‘disc’ size is on the RHS of the window

same exact problem with same cd writer. heres what I did to get diablo to work besides having my ccd burned disk I also burned diablo with nero using the cue file then when I came to that part where it said it couldn’t find the file I put my nero copy in and it worked the clonecd copy works fine other than that