Problem with Diablo 2/Securom

I just installed Diablo 2 on a PC running Windows XP. To do that I temporarily gave the guest account admin rights (because installing using a limited account won’t work).
After installing and updating the game, I removed the admin rights on the account.
Now the game won’t start anymore, it keeps asking for the CD even if the original game CD is in the drive.
When I give back admin rights to the account there are no problems.
But I like to keep my PC clean and don’t want other people installing all kinds of trash on my PC, that’s why I made a restricted guest account.

I installed a few other games using the same procedure and never had any troubles with them. But Diablo 2 refuses to run :frowning:

The only way I can get it running now is using a no CD patch, but I don’t like this method because I got the original game CD’s.

Anyone knows how to solve this? Thanks!

Nevermind, found the solution! :slight_smile:
For those who are interested: All Securom games need this tool to be able to run using a guest account.
It’s the Securom User Access Manager which used to be on the official Securom site, but for some reason it’s gone now.
I tried with Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 and both games work on a restricted account :slight_smile: