Problem with Dell support


Has any one that bought a dell laptop had trouble with Dell support?
I bought a refurbished laptop Studio 1555 with a 3 year warranty, and it has some problems. They remote connected to it and after a little poking around ended up saying that it has a software problem and that I have to buy a $230 1yr software warranty! They could practically consider any problem being caused by software! If they have to go poking around into XP they just stop and say sorry you need a S/W warranty! They are just soaking me for more money. When I bought the warranty they did not mention it only covers hardware. This is a scam as far as i’m concerned!

Thank You.

Instead of moaning how bad their support is, why don’t you ask us to help you fix the problem. :slight_smile:

If you would have asked me nicely I would have taken that into consideration.

The guys here know more then the Dell techs. They have helped me numerous times without my having to be on hold for an hour.