Problem with deleting stuff

[qanda]This thread is about the DK digital MP-051. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi.
I have a problem with deleting stuff from my player.
I had some powerpoint-presentations on it and deleted them. They are not shown in the explorer any more but the space is used up.
There’s also a problem with the volume-control: Whenever I switch it to over 27 the Player goes “error”.
I don’t have any equipment or descriptions.
Can anyone help me there with some hints how to proceed?
Is there any way I can, like, reset it or something?
Delete all of it and load the programs new?

Thx, Anya

Welcome to the forum. :flower:

Did you delete the files using Windows? If so, did you empty the recycle bin? When you delete something in Windows, even on external devices, you have to empty the recycle bin to free the space up.

You should read the manual for the device to learn how to reset it to factory defaults: