Problem with deleting a folder with Plextor 760SA

I have recently purchased Plextor 760SA and installed it in my computer.
First of all my computer recognizes it as Plextor 760A.(NOT SA).
It’s the information that I can see when my computer BIOS detects this hardware and I also can get the same information in Windows Xp SP2.
In windows I get this info by going through this path.
Control Panel ->System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Cd/DVd Rom Drives ->Properties -> Driver

I don’t know how I should solve this problem.
I even tried to update the Firmware from 1.03 to 1.05 ,but this action also didn’t help.

The second problem I noticed is that,I put an already burned CD in this drive and ran Nero
Then I wnet through this path.
DATA -> make Data CD -> New -> Continue Multisession Disk
Then I chose a folder that I wanted to delte.
I deleted that Folder and started burning.

The burning result announced by Nero was successful .
So I Ejected the Cd and put it in my Pioneer DVD-ROM 106S.
Pioneer DVD-ROM showed the deleted folder while putting the same CD-R in Plextor doesn’t show this deleted folder.(Which is the required result).

I don’t know what’s wrong!

This deleted folder should be hidden in any drive,but it’s just hidden in my Plextor Drive not in my pioneer one.

Is it a problem with Plextor DVD Writer or is it a problem with Nero Software?

I hope someone can help.

Well, it does not really delete the folder but instead add information to the disc to say that it should be hidden.
It could be that your Pioneer DVD-ROM just reads the first session and the Plex takes all the session in consideration. In this case, there’s nothing to help (except for using RW).

Reading a/o writing open cd’s can cause problems if the jobs aren’t done (or read respectively) in different drives. You can test this yourself: Put the disc into your Pioneer and try to continue with a new session (make sure to enable test mode to not destroy your data). A warning message should pop up saying that there was a different drive at work before.

That’s not a problem. It’s normal. My 716SA, 755SA and 760SA all show up as 7xxA in Windows and all burning programs aside from PlexTools.

Thank you so much guys for your help and suggestions.
Best Regards,