Problem with Da Vinci Code

Backing up my Da Vinci Code, movie only to DL DVD. Seem to go normal, but movie will not play in any of my DVD players. The players get stuck in the loading mode, but never actually loads.

Have you checked to see if the disc was closed/finalized ?, a few members have been having trouble with DL discs not getting finalized when using the VSO burn engine :frowning:

also since you are using DL I take it you are doing a backup with everything in tact so make sure you have pathplayer set to "Always enable pathplayer.

have you tried other modes? will a main movie to hard drive backup play? can you post a burn log? have you tried more than one dvd player? have you tried playing in your computer drive?

Path player was enabled but I am not sure if it finalized on its own. I had it on shut down PC when done. I came back later and PC was shut down. DVD does play on laptop but I have tried it on two diferent DVD players and it gets stuck in loading mode. I backed up movie only on a DL disc.