Problem with current burner, thinking of changing to pioneer

I currently have an Emprex dvdrw ide1008IM DVD burner that runs fine for a little while and then craps out on me… After crapping out i have to reformat my hard drive using a ghost image i have saved on my D Drive… Not a hard process but just a pain in the ass to have to do continuously… Im thinking of purchasing a pioneer burner but am confused between which one to purchase… Im thinking of the dvr-107… I hear that Pioneer burners are incredibly dependable… Wondering if this particular pioneer model would be a good way to go… because i believe it burns at 8x correct?

i’m happy with my asus drive. (same thing with pioneer) however you can depend on nec too. they both are very successful on writing on cheap medias.
i don’t think pioneer can burn 8x on CHEAP medias but nec can.
do not miss nec 2510a if you find one because it can burn dual layer medias and not expensive.
good luck

Boy that seems drastic! What OS? I cant believe that XP would do that.