Problem with .cue files

I am using Alcohol 120% 1.4.8 and want to burn a cd through a .cue file, alcohol opens the .cue file good and recognises the content, when i try to burn and click on next then i receive the following error:

A non-supported file format, line2.

This is the beginning of the .cue file:

PERFORMER “Various Artists”
TITLE “Trance Energy 2004”
FILE “01-Trance_Energy_2004-CD1-twc.mp3” MP3
TITLE “Sunlight Theory”
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE “Healing”
PERFORMER “Dj Cor Fijneman ft Anita Kelsey”
INDEX 01 03:51:41

The file ‘01-Trance_Energy_2004-CD1-twc.mp3’ exists and is in the same directory.

Someone any idea’s? Or any advice for burning .cue files with other programs?

Why not just recopy your original disc? Or burn it with the software that created the image?

Or maybe, ust possibly it could be that you cant do that due to downloading it, especially due to the fact it has the release group ‘TWC’ in its file name :wink: and as such is classed as warez :frowning:

Indeed, it’s downloaded. And no it has not ‘twc’ in the title.

But that is not the problem/subject, i have a problem with Alcohol Software and that .cue file. :wink:

try making your own cue. file…

Look on google

Alcohol doesn’t support cue-mp3 files yet.

>FILE “01-Trance_Energy_2004-CD1-twc.mp3” MP3

Originally posted by jason23
Indeed, it’s downloaded. And no it has not ‘twc’ in the title.

Looks like it does to me. :rolleyes: