Problem with crossfiring NEC



First, Sorry for my English :frowning:

I tried use “Serch”, but isn’t working :frowning:

My problem:

I crossfired my NEC ND 3551a burner TO (->) ND 4551a.

Now, I will come back to ND 3551 version.

And I can’t, because i don’t see option “ND 3551a” in programm “bootcode flasher”

So I tried so go:

I crossfired my burner TO 3550a. But still I can’t “install” 3551m, because isn’t this option!


What can I do? is possible to came back to 3551a?

Please help me…

And sorry for my English :((


You have to post in ONE thread about such crossflashing attempts.

The one is here:

[B]Please discuss things about this in this thread ONLY.[/B]