Problem with Creative TNT2 Ultra TV-Out



When i first enable my tv-out on my card all goes well. It works great, i watch a movie or what ever. After disabling it and doeing something else. A day or so later, when the PC has been turned off and on a couple of times, when i enable the tv-out all i get is black and white. when i re-ghost my machine all is well again.

Any ideas ???


pSyChO dAd


I guess your card’s fed-up

No I’m being serious, I don’t think your card is all right anymore. Try updating your drivers. If that also doesn’t work: Check if warranty isn’t voided yet


try putting the card in another slot!!
i kindda had the same problem!!!


Ehm, Beakster in what other slot do would you like me to put my AGP Video card ?!?!?

Well still no luck fixing the prob. But thanx for the replies,

pSyChO dAd