Problem With Creative 6424 Burner and Nero Software



I just bought my burner about 3 weeks ago and I am running into major problems. I believe there is something wrong with the burner or hopefully it is just the software.

For the first few weeks it was fine. The first time I experienced trouble was a few days ago when I tried to burn my friend's copy of Tiberian Sun. I know there are cracks but the CD had already been cracked. I kept getting a read error and the burn is being aborted.

Everytime I now try to burn a CD the read process gets aborted even from CD's that I copied a few weeks ago. I am praying there is nothing wrong with my burner because it will cost me a fortune to ship it back to Creative since I live in Canada.

Has anyone else experienced similiar problems to this and know what I can do??

Thanks Guys...


I forgot to mention that even when I try to read the CD’s off of my CD-Rom or my DVD-Rom I still get the same read errors. This makes me hopeful that it is a software problem and not the burner itself.

Thanks Guys…


I had an Imation burner that initially worked fine, then quit. After an hour on tech support, it came down to the burner was bad.
A working software/burner shouldn’t just quit working, so I think burner’s bad. I’d first try CDRWIN to read the CD’s to HD and then to burn the back-up. If no go, call Creative.
By the way, I use that same Creative 6424, Nero, and CDRWIN with no probs every day!

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