Problem with creating a DVD movie that includes the original JPEGs on the disc

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a DVD for my child’s school that is a proper movie containing slideshows and movie clips from a recent PGL holiday.

Using Roxio DVD software I can make a basic movie with menus etc and also include on the DVD the original JPEG image files so that people can make prints or wallpapers from their favorite pictures.

However Roxio is quite basic and doesn’t include a timeline or the ability to add captions so I bought Pinnacle Studio Plus V9. This allows me the flexibility to create a ‘proper’ looking DVD but it doesn’t include the option to write the original JPEGs to the DVD when it’s burning.

I’ve looked at the file structure that Roxio makes on a DVD and it has the usual VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS, plus a directory called ‘Images’ that has all the JPEG files in it. This then works fine on a DVD player.

When I try to write to a DVD with the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS made by Pinnacle plus a folder called ‘Images’ using Roxio Creator Classic in Data mode the DVD player doesn’t like the disc. If I don’t include the ‘Images’ folder the Disc is fine. One thing I noticed is that without the ‘Images’ folder Roxio creates the DVD in ‘Disc-at-once’ mode but as soon as I include the ‘Images’ folder I cannot select this option and all I can do is use the ‘Track-at-once Finalize Disc’ mode.

Can anyone please help, I’ve wasted 14 DVDs and over a week so far…

Sorry for the long question but this is doind my head in and I need to start delivering DVDs the my school soon…

Use Imgburn with build mode.

ANY videodvd is just a plain Data DVD with Video_TS folder and sometimes also an AUDIO_TS folder.

Wow, fantastic, works a treat…

Many Thanks.