Problem with crack Desperados

Yes there are serieus problems, the crack doesn’t work 100%
When you are to level 8 the problem appears.
Everytime when i’m on level 8 the game quit and changes to the desktop.
I’ve tried it now on three different computers with different configurations.
So my question is difficult but also simpel.

Does anybody have another crack or has the same problems and know how to fix it ???

I really hope someone does because it’s a GREAT game and i really like to play it.

Is there anybody who can and will help me with this problem.

Greetings mu_zik :frowning:

Go to
There are lot’s of cracks and other handy tools for new and old games…

Choose a good mirror, and have fun. :slight_smile:

perhaps the new crack will help you

Thankx for your help Mattel007 :slight_smile:

I tried it but it doesn’t work either.

Some guy said to me that it is possible that my savegame corrupted is.

I don’t know what he means or what i can do about it.